Information Collection and Use

The registration of user for the app is only possible through the site and its purely for the purpose of basic information of the user. We do not intend in any way to disclose any of your information through any method or source. We may collect certain data from users at different checkpoints in the app usage.


To access this app the user need to go through a registration form. During the registration process the user will be asked for basic information such as name and email id. It’s pure concern or reason is to transfer information to the app database. In no possible way/condition this information will get monetized.

Other Information Collected

The data submitted to us, provides us information about the App Site, Download or registration of an App, Subscription to any of our services, Search for any of our App or Services, conducting an in-App Purchase, sharing of data over any social media network, entering a contest, promotion or survey and even when you have any problems related to App, Services or Website. The information you provide us may include your name, address, EMail Id, Phone Number, Device’s phone number, age, username, password and other relevant information, financial and credit card detail, personal description and photograph.

Technical Information

This includes the model of the device you are using, IMEI Number, Network information of your mobile, operating device you are working on, Version or Type of browser used in your device and time zonal information.

Content Information

This may include information stored on your Device which includes contact information, friends list, login information, photos/videos, chatroom data and exchanges, messages, tags or other digitized contents and check-ins.

Log Information

The log information included details related to your use of any of our Apps or Sites including. It is not limited to location data, weblogs or any other communication data like traffic data, it may require for our own billing purpose or resource that you have access.

Location Information

We may have access to GPS Technology or any other location based technology to setup or to provide with accurate location of user. Some of our application are pre-enabled to have access to location and require your personal data for the feature to work. If you agree with our term to use our particular feature, you will be asked whether you want to allow Application to use data for that particular purpose only. You may withdraw your consent by sending an email to the specified link in the policy.


Cookies are temp information stored on the user’s device hardware. The information is in the form of user preferences and is used to improve the experience of user. The information is not shared to any identity or organization in any knows conditions.

How we use your information?

We only collect the user information from user to make the app services to perform better and more efficient for the user. Under any circumstances we do not disclose any of this information to the third parties unless they are a part of transaction made by use via the app.

User Rights

You hold the right to ask us not to process your personal information for the purpose of marketing. We assure you to inform (before collecting any information) if we require to use your any personal data for any such purpose. You certainly have rights to prevent such processing by precisely checking boxed on the forms that we have provided to collect the data.

Our App may, from time to time, contain links to and from certain websites of partner networks, advertising firms and associates (including, but may not be limited on which app or the services are advertised) if you may follow a link to any of these sources, please not that these websites have their own dedicated Privacy Policy and we are in no way responsible for any of information shared over them. Moreover, in any circumstances, the user can send a mail to the link specified in the app Privacy Policy if they have any issues, problems or question regarding the app or website and the Privacy Policy.

Changes Updates

Any changes made to our privacy policy in the future will be updated/posted and/or notified to you by the E-Mail or when you next start the App or log onto to one of our services sites. The new terms maybe displayed and you may require to read them carefully and accept them before you continue you use of the App or the services.