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Though a lot was happening on the AR side of things, the native iOS platform had nothing to offer to the Augmented Reality fans until Apple announced the ARKit. With the introduction of AR Kit from iOS 11, there is a huge scope for developing different Augmented Reality app concepts for iPhone and iPad. ARKit is an iOS framework that allows creating augmented reality experiences in form of an app through which we can interact with the real world in new ways.

What makes ARKit a preferable framework for developing AR apps for iOS?

ARKit has everything in it to easily blend the digital objects with the real-life environment. ARKit runs on the Apple A9, A10 and A11 processors which deliver great performance. Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) in ARKit helps to accurately track the objects around us. VIO fuses the camera sensor data and core motion data, thereby making it easy to quickly understand the real world scene on top of which the virtual digital content needs to be presented. By using the camera sensor, ARKit can estimate the total light available in a scene and as a result of this correct amount of light can be applied to visual objects.

Leverage ARKit to give your users an Augmented Reality experience of altogether a next level

Intelligent business owners always look at different possible ways of using technology to come closer to their target audience and use it as a medium to create brand awareness. Augmented Reality apps is one such good example that smart business owners can leverage. Apart from this there are multiple other reasons why companies can use augmented based apps on the basis of industry vertical that their business falls in.

Augmented reality
and industrial transformations

Real Estate

Real estate industry has experienced a significant shift in the way customers connect with enterprises. Evolution of AR in real-estate industry has widened the horizon for customers to visualize surrounding environment and properties. It provides flexibility to prospective buyers to view properties under constructions as a finished products by the means of 360-degree, 3-D videos, etc.


Technological transformation is morphing the retail industry to its core. Leveraging AR technology, retailers can showcase products over customers in a realistic manner. This impacts the business of retailers in improving services, convenience and personalization thereby enabling them to attract and retain their long-term customers.


With the evolution of gaming industry at an amazingly rapid pace, the introduction of AR as a supplement to it is making the industry scope wider and wider every year. AR provides advantage to provide additional information digitally in addition with the real physical environment and enhances the User’s perception.


Consumers today are tech-savvy and habituated to adopt latest technical trends. With the more and more adaptability of AR wearable, AR is being utilized to enhance the driving experience, provide virtual test drives, provide virtual see-through displays of interiors, walkthrough of automotive design and production.


This industry is not aloof from the impact of AR. Through utilization of AR, higher education institutions can embrace change and drive innovation through technology. It helps to create easily adaptable learning methodologies by utilizing engaging 3D models and hence make learning more interactive.


Utilization of AR in Healthcare industry helps to develop robust IT healthcare solutions designed for highest quality of patient care and making organization’s process easier. Till the date there are lots of applications helping Doctors in their daily process whether it be diagnosis or carrying out surgeries. Moreover, through interactive visual examples, Medical Students can grasp various topics easily.

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