One of the most promising technology of the future.

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One of the most promising technology of the future is Blockchain. It is a distributed Ledger technology of transactions of things that value which underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum. Every transaction takes place is recorded on a public or a distributed ledger and when it comes to third party, people have to trust a third party to be able to complete the transaction, Blockchain eliminates the need for middleman.

Blockchain is likely to disrupt many industries in the coming years creating new ways of doing business. It is one of the most important financial services innovation. Hence, Yudiz has adopted this emerging Blockchain Technology at an early stage.

Why Blockchain has dragged the attention of many enterprises across the globe?


In case of any changes in the blockchain, it is publicly viewable by all the parties hence creating transparency.


Blockchain is a decentralised system hence completely eliminating the risk of any scam or breach. Hence, the data is less prone to be hacked.


A single public ledger is being used where all the transactions are recorded hence resistant to unauthorized changes and also eliminating risk.


It has the ability to send money to anyone across the border instantly and with very low fees which makes the business operations faster and more secure.

Low Transcation Cost

Third-party mediators and overhead costs for exchanging assets are by passed in Blockchain Technology which greatly reduced transaction fees.

Our Specialties render in Mobile App & Web platform for Cryptocurrency wallet,
Exchange, Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, Multichain, Smart Contract and KYC
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Medical Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Online Shopping Portals

Identifiable digital currency Platform

Cryptocurrency mobile app and web platform with verified mobile/phone and email and also IP identified verification. An exclusive Cryptocurrency platform which features digital identification that addresses the concerns based on trust to initiate a transaction, storing Coins, or mining Coins. Platform identifies users and facilitates the collection of optional taxes and this helps to remove core barriers to adoption of Cryptocurrencies across the globe.

Cryptocurrency cloud mining

Users tend to “mine” cryptocurrencies using various platforms to solve complex math puzzles to earn rewards. Ethereum features smart contracts which uses Ether as the currency for peer to peer transactions. You can buy smart contracts using various platform.

Blockchain Technology is challenging the existing circumstances in a profound way. Yet, developers at Yudiz have hands on developing cryptocurrency based mobile app who can provide the best mobile solutions implementing blockchain technology. Bitcoin has been dominating the market until Ethereum was introduced with advanced concepts that created a lot of hype. With our vast experience working over various emerging technologies like IoT and Blockchain, we at Yudiz aim to provide best as well as cost effective business solutions diversified from banking to education and finance. If you have an innovative idea and looking to develop a MVP or solutions based on Blockchain, our expert team will be glad to assist you with free consultation.

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