Project Overview

Anyone playing video games since a decade very well knows how alluring mobile games have become. Among all, sports games have always been popular. Our client noticed it and wanted us to develop a basketball game as basketball has been a trendy game among youngsters, easy to play and fascinating.

Yudiz delivered the game with all client really needed for a basketball mobile game. Basketball is an addictive game created for basketball fans which our developers developed and created a delightful game.

Key Features

Realistic 3D Graphics

4 different Modes
Multi-player game
Interactive Experiences surprising
Functions surprise
4 Basketball Courts

Cool sounds & Music effects

Medals that can be unlocked by achieving different objectives

Smooth animations

Basketball Mockup

Business Requirement

Developing a popular basketball game having single player or multiple players.

Tutorials for guidance to basketball players and additional features to make the game way more interesting.


Offering options of game for single player or multiplayer, but also a lot of game modes in which you can show your skill in basketball.

You can choose to play online with players from all over the world, live or play with your friends and earn MP, which can be used to play on the best courses.

Experience the joy of playing basketball 3D game with real people. Wide options to choose for different characters, balloons and playgrounds. Provided with 4 different game modes having unlimited fun. To win the cups, various goals are to be unlocked and can also access additional features. Either play online with players around the world live or with your friends to earn MP that can be helpful to play on the best courses.

Basketball Mockup
Basketball Mockup


We developed this game for iOS and for Android platforms. To match with the speed of cross platform revolution in mobile game technologies, we used Unity3D game engine.

For multiplayer game service, we used Photon Network. In app purchase is integrated for additional content or services.

Client Profile

Our Italy-based client fancies sports games among which tennis is one of the most popular games. A real feel of Tennis game is what was needed and our client wanted us to create it along with enhanced features and easy to play.


  • Unity3D Game Engine
  • Photon Network (Multiplayer Game)
  • Facebook Sign Up
  • In-app purchases

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