Project Overview

Global warming is a term that has captured nearly every person’s attention. It is an issue faced by the entire world and needs to be addressed as of prior importance. Now out of the many methods to resolve this issue, there is one that is more effective and efficient, called Peatland growth and maintenance.

Peatland is a major source of carbon sink; a source to curb the increasing effects of climate change. Peatland is a collection of partially, decomposed plantation or organic waste that accumulates CO2 gas to maintain the atmospheric balance. Flow Country is a wide stretch of peatland area located in Scotland. Our client was keen to introduce and inform people about peatlands through a fun medium.
What is a better way to spread awareness, than through a game that is exciting and educative at the same time!

Key Features

3d Game Modes

Live User
Live Land Usage
& Status

Premium Graphics
& Sound Effects

Carbon Capture Mockup

The client’s purpose was to create an application that while being a part of the Flows to the Future project, raises the awareness among people about the increasing importance of Peatlands in the Flow Country.

The aim was to increase the knowledge about Peatlands and how they contribute in suppressing the ill effects of global warming.


After a careful analysis and research done by the Business analyst team at Yudiz, the game application was designed. The game was designed in 3 modes, each with raised level of difficulty. The game player was assigned the role of a peatland manager that administers and develops the peatland. The player as a manager was responsible for maintaining the land and retaining the carbon equilibrium. The player can make changes to the land with the help of the action tab. The tab offers site visits to keep an eye over the peat, chain saw to cut down the trees, drain blocking to reserve the water, education to the tourists to raise awareness towards the importance of peatlands,managing animals to avoid damage to the land. The developers provided for land usage options including placing wind farms, or water blockage to preserve water. The game lasts for 8 minutes which spans across a specific period of time based on the game difficulty.

Carbon Capture Mockup
Carbon Capture Mockup


The developers used Unity 3D game engine, a multi platform game development engine used to develop 2D and 3D games. Through Unity the developers achieved portability and flexibility in game development.
For a much apprehensive animation design the developers at Yudiz made the use of iTween animation system that is easy yet offers powerful design.
The major aim of the game was inclined towards increasing education of Peatlands among the users. The player can check their progress through the tabs located on top of the screen which includes the percentage of carbon stored, the increase in the wildlife, and the coins availed.
The game is a part of the Flow to the Future Project that aims at spreading awareness about Peatlands and their rising significance. With a soothing background music, the developers made the game very easy to understand and play.

Client Profile

The client, being part of the Flow to the Future Project, is an active member in spreading awareness towards global warming. The client is keen to develop apps and games as a fun means to spread knowledge.


  • Unity3D Game Engine
  • iTween For Unity

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