Project Overview

Your prompt and definite reaction can conquer almost any medical emergency. Right? Now, Imagine, all your required medical details are centralized, and your doctors can access it immediately. Wouldn’t these centralized details assist your doctor to perform quick treatment? Yes, it will.

Our client came up with the same idea. The idea was to develop a mobile application where users can store their basic medical details like blood pressure, heart pulse, BMI(Body Mass Index), past vaccination and almost all the minor details which can help the doctors to start the treatment in an emergency.

Key Features

Send Email

Ask Questions

Medical Findings
Fitness Stats
Record Workout Route

Heart Rate Graph

Measure your BMI

Schedule Meetings

Reminder for Vaccination Date

Record for Regular Medicines

Store Insurance Details

CarePack Mockup

Business Requirement

A mobile application that can centralize all the medical details of a person

Develop an application which is compatible with Apple Watch using apple Health-kit

A web-interface for the family doctors to access mandatory information


As a solution, Yudiz solutions developed a mobile application named ‘Care Pack’. When integrated with Apple watch, this mobile app can store your heart beats, steps, workout and sleeping time automatically. This app depicts stats like age, weight, height and vaccination details.

In an emergency, with a click, you can send direct email to your concerned doctor. As a user, this app can help you to track your path(with map), calories burned, distance covered and your average speed while running. Additionally, this app can generate graph for your heart rate. You can schedule meetings and send message to your doctor.  In short, this mobile application can digitize your medical essence.

CarePack Mockup
CarePack Mockup


Care Pack is one of our favorite iOS applications as it demanded delicate effort from our mobile developers. An emergency email is sent with the help of iOS native HealthKit app. This email also has an attachment of your current location(measured using GPS), heart rate(counted by your Apple watch) and blood group automatically. To make this app engaging, we used APNS notifications so users can get instant updates.

‘Care Pack’ tracks user’s movement through the Google API. To calculate BMI(Body Mass Index), Heart rate, and fitness stats; the app retrieves data from the native iOS HealthKit app. To make message communication feasible, our developers used PHP web services. CVCalender is integrated with the app to schedule meetings.

Business Benefits

  • Centralized medical details to make it easily accessible
  • Instant communication with doctors on any medical emergency
  • Apple watch integration which provides live data
  • Full comprehension of your body conscience
CarePack Mockup

Client Profile

Care Pack is an Austrian based company whose focus is on developing a new system that centrally stores data about health. This would thereby make the treatment easy for patients and their doctors/physicians by reducing the time to understand medical history of patient. They approached Yudiz to make this concept possible through apps on iOS, Android and Apple watch


  • PHP Web services
  • APNS Notification
  • Google API
  • iOS Health Kit
  • CVCalender

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