Project Overview

Making new friends never goes out of style! The ideal requirement of any social media app is to connect people. That is exactly the theme around which CheckedIn is designed. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can locate friends near you easily and keep in the loop with what is going on with them? CheckedIn is formulated around the concept of socializing and keeping in touch with friends.

Key Features

Ease of access

Create an attractive profile
Tracking friends’ activity
Category based posting
CheckedIn lounge

Filter friends option

Auto post feature

Checked In Mockup

Business Requirement

The major concept in this project was to establish a new social platform for users where in they are provided special features to keep up with the world.

The client required an app that stands out among all social apps available in the market.


The social app market is filled with apps that provide a means to connect with other people. Here, keeping in mind the clients requirements, the Project management team at Yudiz set up to design an app that has special features along with generalized features of social networking apps.

The developers at Yudiz designed CheckedIn app, that adheres to the client requirements. The application provides users a special CheckedIn lounge which is generated when a user logs in from a specific location. This creates virtual server rooms. The users can create a CheckedIn lounge or become a part of an existing one. It also provides posting category options for different user activities. The users of the app can form their profile and makes posts about themselves.

CheckedIn comes with a special feature of auto posting which allows users to make posts for a future time that are automatically posted at the user specified time. Moreover users can have private chats with their friends and have a peek at their friends wall for updates.

Though a little similar to other social apps, the developers made sure to give CheckedIn a fresh and updated touch.

Checked In Mockup
Checked In Mockup


After a thorough research by the business analyst team the development team took over the project. The developers used XML based communication protocol, XMPP, for speedy exchange of information and availability information.

Using google developed designing language, Material design, the developers provided for an active user interface design. This enabled the developers to give a fresh and innovative look to the application. The development team at Yudiz made the use of GPS tracking and Google place APA for CkeckedIn lounge creation. The app was designed with an easy navigation pane for users to move through the app effortlessly. The application was then tested for bugs and later was placed in the google app store.

Client Profile

The client is a self established businessman with an immense zeal to make a mark in this world. The client is also a social networking enthusiast.


  • Material Design
  • XMPP
  • GPS tracking
  • Google Place APA

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