Project Overview

To create a communication channel for your business with the help of a De-centralized platform. This platform will provide an opportunity to create an information channel for your organization that promptly informs your customers about the company’s news and promotions, as well as conduct an interactive promotion. The architecture is planned & developed on the basis of P2P communication without the participation of servers, distributed data storage in IPFS and end-to-end encryption.

Key Features

Enhanced Security
De-centralized Data
De-centralized Storage
Encrypted chat


Business Requirement

The client wanted to create a chat application which should be de-centralized and allow the users to talk and communicate while storing the data in blocks.

In a group chat, the client wanted a permission functionality wherein which, only if the entire group allows the permission then and then only the user is allowed to be a part of the group.

We also included features like sending images and videos without streaming it as a part of recommendation.


Based on the information provided by the client, our team at Yudiz conceptualized a Blockchain and Smart Contracts based arrangement.

To provide data security, all the data is encrypted and stored over the blockchain and retrieved through the blockchain and by the use of Socket Programming, it creates secure sessions and implement decentralized Chats, where no one can even edit the chat. We used Socket programming to implement Chat room for the users.

For improving the efficiency of the application in the background, every user runs a small minor script that will mine its own chat words in the blockchain. More the number the users, faster the system would be. We used IPFS for Decentralised storing of large data which makes it more reliable to store over Blockchain.




Subsequent to conceptualizing and working intimately side by side with the customer, our Blockchain expert group at Yudiz Solutions Pvt Ltd. came up with this application concept.

We used Ethereum private blockchain to provide permission-based ledger. Geth is a well known Ethereum private blockchain that helps us to create, while the main node provides the encode to the peer and act as a miner for the ledger. With the help of this feature, the unauthorized peer cannot mine the data. Thus, your every data in Chatting room remains well secured and fast.

We used Socket API to connect the ports of every peer in the ledger. To provide a complete transparency between both the entities, we have made use of Smart Contracts.

Client Profile

Having a good repo already established in UK, one of our existing client referred Yudiz to this client who had a clear mapping
of the requirements and what he wanted as an outcome. With collective discussions and brain-storming, Block-chain
expert team at Yudiz came up with this proposed solution to fit in his chatting platform requirements.


  • Ethereum
  • Geth
  • Angular JS
  • Sorted API
  • Mining API
  • Smart Contract

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