Project Overview

Imagine getting all the event notifications happening around the globe right over the phone! How easy it would be to plan a trip, book it through an app and be on the go..

And now consider all of this provisioned in a single app! The world is becoming a global hub where different events take place all the time. Eye On is just the app users needed. With a global reach and multiple language use, this app is idle for all users be it a lazy person too tired to go to the ticket counter or an event enthusiast that follows each and every event.

Key Features

Detailed Event Description

Multiple user access
User preference
Category display
Special Invites
Ticket details
Backend event organiser
Express user views
Multiple Languages

Eye On Mockup

Business Requirement

The client urged towards development of an app that includes all the features of the previously existing entertainment and ecommerce apps with a new swirl.

The aim was to incorporates the features of ticketing and event management inside a single, unique app. A place and time independent, everyday app that fits right in the lifestyle and entertainment industry.


A thorough research of the existing app lead the development team to design an app that stands out.

The app was designed with a user friendly interface that provides effortless navigation. The application displays a map view with event listings. The user can know all the details for an event by clicking on the event pop up.

The design provides easy payment options so the user can securely make transactions. Moreover the app supports multiple languages. The users can share, exchange and buy tickets for the preferred events, while trades can sell and maintain a ticket database easily.

The app is ideal for all users that are event enthusiasts.

Eye On Mockup
Eye On Mockup


The business analyst team planned the whole development process. Backed up by thorough research, the developers designed a user friendly app that provides ease of navigation and access.

The developers made the use of Objective C, a common purpose programming language mostly used in iOS operating environment, to develop a an active interface system. With PHP scripting language the developers provided a simple user access and integration. The developers aimed at providing faster and easier app that users can access at any place, anytime.

The development team at Yudiz made the app more social by integrating the app with existing social apps like Facebook and Twitter. For location specification our developers made the use of Apple Maps for Apple devices and Google Maps for Android devices.

Using SpriteKit infrastructure, the designers made the application more appealing to the users.

Client Profile

The client is a proud IT app distributer and an ardent follower of worldwide events. The client wanted a platform that amalgamates features of worldwide social apps while providing specialized features for all event enthusiasts like him.


  • Sprite Kit for funky animation
  • AFNetworking
  • Objective C
  • PHP
  • Social Integration
  • Apple Maps

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