Project Overview

Learning should be a source of excitement. In today’s world, where education is becoming very competitive, all that people look for is a funtertaining way to impart as well as gain knowledge.

That is when our client came up with an idea to design an app that provides a wide platform for students, teachers and institutes, where they can discuss online over various topics, ask questions, join a course and become a part of the socio-learning community.

Key Features

Course access

Blog section
Course description
Live Discussions
Topic videos
Join requests

Flinnt Mockup

Business Requirement

The client was interested in providing a social learning platform for learners where they can join live discussions and online courses.

A socio-learning app which adds an exciting flavor to the education process through providing an engaging experience for all its users.


Our client wanted to create a healthy stand for various educational entities to share their knowledge, and a platform for zesty learners.

The iOS developers at Yudiz did a thorough research on all the available educational applications and designed Flinnt with novel features over the usual structure of an educational app.

The Flinnt app consists of a database of courses provided by schools, graduate and post-graduate institutions, publishers, coaching institutes, content writers and experts from across varied fields. The appealing interface design by the developers at Yudiz makes the users addicted to it.

The app provides highlights on the available courses. The users can upload their self-created course content and videos for others to view. Moreover it offers communication opportunity for healthy discussions among users. The users can also post their blogs on the topic of their choice.

Flinnt Mockup
Flinnt Mockup


The iOS developers at Yudiz, while keeping in mind the client requirements developed a user interactive learning app named Flinnt.
The development team used Core Graphics, to provide a really cool and artistic user interface design.

For ease of video streaming, our developers used HTTP Live Streaming protocol for buffer free video downloading. This protocol provides higher scalability to devices, allowing seamless network data flow.
AFNetworking provides a networking architecture for iOS, which our developers used for setting up the network details to provide high end app availability and iCloud was used for storage of user data so that it could be accessed as and when the user required.

For error free coding our developers used Swift 3.0, the latest and more improvised version of Swift, a language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS app development. Further our developers used core data to organize the layered data objects in the application so that the users can effortlessly navigate through the app features.

As our client stressed on smooth interaction between the app and the user, the development team made use of the UIKit Dynamics that gave the application a realistic touch.

Client Profile

Our client is a knowledge enthusiast, with a zest to improve the educational structure by providing an online platform for learners anytime and anywhere.


  • HTTP Live streaming
  • AFNetworking
  • Swift 3.0
  • Core Graphics
  • Core Data
  • UIKit Dynamics
  • iCloud

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