Project Overview

Agriculture is the facilitator that have been supporting the civilizations by providing one of the basic necessities of life i.e. food. With the significant increase in the importance of agro industry, the drift toward modern farming comes with no surprise.

Farmers have always stressed on the importance of soil quality and contents while carrying out farming. The yield of the land depends highly on the soil quality and the type of crop it could support.

Keeping in mind the concept of modern farming our developers came up with Intertek Soil Manager, an innovative app that aides the process of soil sample collection, testing, and location of depots.

Key Features

Plot my farm

Locate a depot
Submit samples
Backend app management

Intertek Mockup

Business Requirement

The client sought for a mobile application that provided the farmers a simplified platform to monitor the process of soil sampling and testing.

The development of an app that helps to locate the depots and carefully manage the soil testing process while providing the back end management of the whole process.


After carefully analyzing the requirements the developers at Yudiz, designed a mobile app that gives an easy land mapping options where you can set the perimeter of your land by simply clicking on the map or the user can carry the mobile device and the GPS tracker will trace the map. The developers also added grid setting options where the user can set their grid measurements accordingly. Here each grid is automatically given a specific name for its identification.

The users can simply select the soil sample and the analysis to be done thus shortening the process.

The developers at Yudiz also provided for tracking the sample testing process so the user of the Intertek Soil Manager app can avail all the details of already tested samples and can be informed about the samples that have yet to be tested.

Moreover the developers also provided a notification window for increased accuracy with simplified record maintenance for the user.

Intertek Mockup
Intertek Mockup


At Yudiz the developers used material design, to create an interactive platform for users. Through material design the grid plotting and soil level could easily be figured on the mobile device.

The developers used GPS tracking for land coverage. They also used Google Maps for easy area calculation and to locate the nearby depots so that the user can directly submit soil samples.

For ease of transaction, our development team made the use of Online Payment Gateway. This helped to make the payment process a whole lot easier. The developers also worked to develop a backend app in support of the user app so that the management becomes more efficient.

Client Profile

Our client comes from an agricultural background and is motivated to create the farming experience better and easier for farmers. Keeping this in mind our client wanted to develop an app that helps farmers in the process of soil sampling and testing.


  • Material design
  • GPS Tracking
  • Google Maps
  • Online Payment Gateway

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