Project Overview

The modern day digitized and non-vigorous routine is dragging us all towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Any idea or even a concept that utilizes technology and provides us with a solution towards a healthy life can be valuable!

Our client, who is a globally renowned International Meditation Guru, approached us with a solution of developing a tech-based solution that would prove useful in improving the meditation experience for people. He also wanted this solution to allow its users to monitor how well their meditation is done and track its progress. In addition to this, the client also wanted to incentivize people who meditate properly as per the guidelines specified on the app.

Key Features

Real Time Data

Encrypted Data

Smart Contract
Personalized Charts
GPS Tracking


Business Requirement

A major concept to develop this app is to help the user to improve Mental and Emotional health and keeps a track of all their data.

This App will enable users to create a gamified mindfulness development platform that incentivizes users through tokenized rewards and allows the users to use their earning to support their favorite philanthropic causes.

Multiple progression paths without an empirically valid means to aid the user in selecting a personalized path of development that would best suit to an individual and his or her needs.

Users should be able to invite their friends/family to Social Media to participate in this application.


On the basis of the shared specifications, we came up with a Blockchain and Smart Contract based solution. The incentivization is done by giving the users tokens when they do the meditation rightly as per the specified guidelines. The ICO for this token was also launched by Yudiz and integrated within this platform. The application also makes use of Smart Contract to determine if the user has done the meditation properly and only then release the token to the users who have properly meditated.

The application also takes the help of Artificial intelligence that has been implemented with help of a wearable hardware. The hardware monitors the users on basis of different parameters like pulse rate, motion detection, sound decibel detection, GPS etc. If the user passes through these parameters successfully, then he/she gets incentivized with the tokens through the developed smart contract system.




After brainstorming and working closely with the client to understand their vision, our solution expert team at Yudiz Solutions Pvt Ltd. came up with this idea of creating an app on Blockchain. For the application, the Blockchain team used EOS Blockchain that was recently launched and seemed promising as per the technical requirements for this project.

Thereafter the team worked on Proof of Meditation (POM), Technical and Architectural flow to develop the smart contract for this app with help of which the system can provide accurate results and feedback about the meditation sessions done by the users.

Client Profile

Having devoted more than a decade inspiring the youth, this client of ours from Canada decided to start a new venture by
introducing a meditation based mobile app for its audience. Also, in order to promote and boost meditation among the
youths, he thought of returning the favour to those who fulfilled their daily set targets in form of incentives.


  • EOS BlockChain
  • Smart Contract (C++)
  • AI Algorithms
  • Rest API
  • ICO

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