Project Overview

Moneycontrol app lets you know the latest updates of the Indian and global financial market, monitor your portfolio across stocks and more, recommendations from the experts. Yudiz understood the vying environment and developed the smart watch version of Moneycontrol app for apple watch and Android based smart watches.

With the smart watch app, the user is always apprised with the latest stock updates on their wrist. Voice search makes the money control app handier to use.

Key Features

Voice Search

Real Time Data


Line Chart

Business Requirement

It is vital to stay advanced in the current challenging market, and our influential client wanted to keep its audience updated of every moment on stock market at their fingertips.
The easy accessible navigation to all financial data, portfolio, watch-list and message board was much needed for smoother and simpler client’s experience.
It was also important to simplify the usage with voice search for stocks, indices, mutual funds, commodities, news, etc.


Yudiz integrated Wear API to money control app to make it more handy for Smartwatch to the busy bees. To make an app more efficient to use, we decided to give voice search option.

Get the full coverage of news related to markets, business and economy; plus interviews of senior management.

User can get timely updates on performance of the portfolio, and news & alerts related to stock you hold.

In-depth markets stats for stocks, futures and option. We’ve provided interactive and historical charts with line, area, candlestick and OHCL charts types.


For Android Smart Watch App, the developers integrated Android wear, where the the mobile notifications are displayed on the Smartwatch and also integrated Google assistant technology into smartwatch form factor.RetroFit is a type-safe REST client for Android and Java was used which allows to make changes to the application after being developed, and makes the app more dynamic.

On the other hand, for the Apple Watch the developers used objective C as the platform which is a generalized programming language used by Apple for iOS operating system.Our developers integrated the money control with the Apple iWatch and Android Smart Watch so that user can easily interact and get updates of the stock market.

Client Profile

Our client for Moneycontrol is a leading financial information site in India.Moneycontrol gets millions of visitors every
month across all it’s platforms-web, mobile and tablets that makes it the largest online financial platform in India. We
helped them to integrate their application with the smart watches so that users can get lively updates about
their investments, stock market, portfolio, and more.


  • Android Wear
  • Wear API
  • Retrofit
  • Live Feed
  • Objective C

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