Project Overview

Crime is hard to evade, but precautionary measure can never go wrong! Safety and security can never be overlooked and that was the primary reason for our client to come up with an idea of developing an app that helps people to stay secured while also informing others of the possible dangers.

Key Features

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My Security Bubble Mockup

Business Requirement

The client was keen to provide people a security guard in the form of an app, that could keep them out of trouble.

Here the client required an app which notifies people of the possible danger and where people can also post a suspicious event to help others.


Keeping in mind the clients requirements, the business analysts went for a complete research before the project was set on for development. The developers and designers at Yudiz created the app called My security Bubble. Just as the name suggests this app draws a safety bubble around the user. All that the user needs to do is register. The app remains active in the background and notifies the user if any alert message is posted for the nearby area. This way the user can take quick decision and take shelter at a safe place.

Moreover the user can also post messages about events that might help other people. The developers crafted a panic button so that the users could post emergency messages and avail help. The user can also send invites to friends and family so that they too can avail the benefits of the application. My security bubble is available for use anytime and anywhere by users over the age of 13 years.

My Security Bubble Mockup
My Security Bubble Mockup


The development of My Security Bubble was a processed outcome. After careful evaluation of the business requirements, the development took place. At Yudiz the developers used XMPP Chat, a protocol used for communications, to provide for message exchange between entities. This simplified the process of chat between people and also helped to send quick messages.

The developers made use of RetroFit, which allows to make changes to the application even after it is developed. It was used for network calling where every object was turned into a call object. To make sure that the applications’ purpose was fulfilled the developers used GPS Tracking for ease of location access. The application was tested and analyzed and then placed in the market.

Client Profile

The client is an active security personnel and is also part of well known security organization. The client strives to deliver better and effective security services to the community.


  • GPS Tracking
  • XMPP Chat
  • RetroFit for Network calling

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