Project Overview

Internet devices has made our lives so easy to such an extent that there is no come back. Embracing such a device integrated with the software application into the business industry was the idea our client came up with to Yudiz. An app that provides a one stop solution to billing system as well as keeping track of payment details, route info and customer details that any retailer can use.

Key Features

Geofencing Enabled System
Bluetooth Enabled Printer

Payment Details
Payment Receipt

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One Bill Mockup

Business Requirement

An app that can provide flexible billing system dealing with a mix of subscriptions or variable charges.

Lack of flexibility leads to lot of waste in time in dealing with different products in industry.

A user friendly approach to keep track of payment details,customer details and their info.


Yudiz created a POS(Point Of Sale) system for the client providing a one stop solution for billing and mainly tracking information of customers’ details and payment history.

A smartphone installed Onebill software application integrated with a Bluetooth enabled printer which is too handy to handle. Operators can create unlimited agent accounts and allow agents to use the app to collect payments. Straightforward and intuitive design built exclusively for MSOs and LCOs who want to automate their payment collection and generate a printed receipt.

Agent make use of map to get the customer’s info and payment details. If done with payment, updates are made in the record and print option will print a bill helping the customers make payments at the doorstep.

Service operator can track the agent’s route info through geofencing keeping a close in route planning. Such a system saves time and helps you get paid faster.

One Bill Mockup
One Bill Mockup


An Android based application integrated with google map to find the location and track of the location for the agents to reach the customers. We have used a handy bluetooth printer so that agents can make use of it to generate bill providing flexibility.To fetch data from server, we need web services so for that purpose we have used API which is based on SOAP. To define geographical boundaries, we have used Geofencing enabled system.

Client Profile

Our client offers software solutions to cable operators and they needed a mobile based solution with the help of which the regular monthly payment collections for the cable operators becomes easy and physical copies of payment receipt can be delivered.


  • Google Map
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Secure SOAP Api
  • Geo Fencing

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