Project Overview

The digitized and non-strenuous routine is dragging us towards an unhealthy lifestyle. And, any idea that results a healthy life can be priceless. Even, it can earn quick embracement. Won’t it?

Our client understood the problem and found a solution from the problem itself. He approached us to make his idea feasible. He wanted us to develop an application which gives its users personalized nutrition chart, exercise videos, and scheduling appointments with the health practitioners.The iOS based mobile application can uncage its users from monotonous lifestyle.

Key Features

Expert Consulting

Personalized Charts

Expert Exercise Video
Dietary Supplements Deals
Schedule Appointments
Calories Intake Details
Pinnacle Wellness Mockup

Business Requirement

An iOS based application that helps its users to improve their health and daily lifestyle.

Developing a web-interface for the administrator to handle content and the data of registered users.

An App to help people with any and all wellness needs including exercise help, nutrition guidance, injury treatment & prevention

An App to get easy access to industry leading health & wellness practitioners and connect with them


Yudiz Solutions developed an iOS based mobile application named ‘Pinnacle Wellness’. Users of this application can watch exercise videos, calculate their daily calorie intake, and consult with various health practitioners. With a calorie measurement feature, users can renew their dietary schedule with proper meals. Even, this app has a list of meals with their corresponding calorie information, so users can easily figure out how much more/less calorie they need for the day.

The app provides daily deals for personal and corporate users. And, as an app user, you can create your personalized nutrition chart.

Pinnacle Wellness Mockup
Pinnacle Wellness Mockup


The ‘Pinnacle Wellness’ app is developed with an Auto-layout feature, which means users can feel unwavering view on all Apple devices. To display videos in the application, we used WebKit. All the minor animations while scrolling to another screen, is the result of UIKit Dynamics. The app synchronizes user’s preferences on all his Apple devices.

The Core Data feature made it feasible to retrieve important data when users are offline. Even, when the user is not using the application, the app will retrieve new videos with the help of Background fetch. An administrator can effortlessly manage parent view controller with the help of View Controller Containment.

Business Benefits

  • Users of this app can learn proper exercise from the expert video
  • Habituating healthy routine
  • Scheduling meetings with a wide range of health practitioners

Client Profile

The client is a Canada based leading health & wellness practitioner firm. They have a web based portal with a wide range of fitness/healthcare professionals and medical product experts. We helped them to develop an iOS based application, which has consulting services, dietary deals and exercise videos as its base features.


  • WebKit
  • UIKit Dynamics
  • Swift 2.0
  • Autolayout
  • Core Data
  • JSON Web Services
  • Background auto sync
  • iCloud key value storage
  • View Controller Containment

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