Project Overview

News are eminent to be in touch with the current events occurring around us. They are a means to gather information about various topics related to daily life.

In this techno-life era, wouldn’t it be great if you could browse the local news and happenings right over your phone!

That is what our developers concentrated on while development of an app that serves both the purpose of news and connecting with people. Inspired from the concept of Facebook and Twitter our developers came up with an iOS app named PublicFeed. PublicFeed is a social media app that keeps you well informed all the time!

Key Features

Follow the trends

Nearby Feature
Message your friends
Build new friends
Discover latest trends

Publicfeed Mockup

Business Requirement

The client required a platform where people could post news about events around them and also catch up with the trending updates to keep in touch with the world.

The aim was to create a social media app that can keep up with the latest updates and provides a medium for people to express their views and opinions.


The developers at Yudiz carefully considering the client objectives and requirements developed an app named PublicFeed. PublicFeed is a social app that provides a space to post news, videos and audio about different happenings around the person. Here every person can bring out the journalist in them.

With PublicFeed the users can select the location to publish their news.

Moreover they can check out the latest news updates and can start a conversation with a friend over a relevant topic.

Publicfeed Mockup
Publicfeed Mockup


The development team at Yudiz, used Objective C, a generalised programming language used by Apple for iOS operating systems.

Through this the users get an interactive platform and can view and exchange messages instantly.

The developers made the use of iOS native to increase the performance. Through this the users can instantly capture images and videos through the phone camera.

Client Profile

The client has an established business and is constantly working towards exploring more ways to enhance and expand the business.


  • Objective C
  • iOS Native

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