Project Overview

The first thing that comes to mind on hearing the word Rainforest is animals. Rainforest is the home to variety of animals and plants. And now think of doing math with the forest animals! Rainforest is developed around the idea that learning can be a whole lot fun. Rainforest maths is an engaging platform through which children can solve math questions in the form of animal puzzles. From giant insects to baboons, from birds to gorillas, rainforest has it all. Get ready for a learning safari ride through the Rainforest!

Key Features

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Rain Forest Mockup

Business Requirement

The client was eager to make learning, an interactive experience which stimulates the kids to learn more while playing games.

Moreover the client had a rainforest theme in mind where math questions can take the form of animal puzzles so that kids can have an exciting yet educational experience.


Considering the client requirements, the Yudiz team set forth to analyze the objectives of the project. After final approval of timeline and other project details, the development team took over. The designers created a background for the game based on the rainforest theme. The game has 7 levels for kids in kindergarten to sixth grade. Each level has sublevels that include numbers, space, measurements and algebra.

All the games have a quirky way of using rainforest animals as each question theme. From bugs, birds to animals, Rainforest has it all. The developers kept in mind that the motive of these games was to integrate learning with entertainment.

Rain Forest Mockup
Rain Forest Mockup


The development process took a jump start as soon as the objectives were cleared. At Yudiz, the designers used Adobe Photoshop for a skillful graphics editing and designing. Adobe Illustrator was used to develop the vector graphics. Using both the above technologies the designers created a rainforest backdrop for all the levels. Finally the developers used SVG, an open standard vector image format, was used to support smooth interaction and animation.

Client Profile

The client is an education specialist based in Australia. With a goal to improve and simplify the learning experience, the client strives to contribute to the educational society.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

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