Project Overview

‘The older the better’ holds true for wines and every wine lover knows this fact for sure. Yellow tail is one of the older wine brands and has a widespread market in America.
At this point the client felt the need to upsurge the user engagement while branding and marketing the company’s product.

This provided users a chance to engage in competitions along with learning more about the products offered by the company.

Key Features

Roo Mockup

Business Requirement

The Client was aimed at providing an entertaining android app that augmented user interaction with the company.

An application that provided a marketing platform while engaging user to learn more about the company through fun games and contests.


The client requirement was carefully analyzed and the developers came up with different modules.

The Roo app was created with many different features. The developers designed the app menu with options displaying brand information, T(roo)via, Pitch Book, Photo contests and leaderboard.

The brand standard displays all the product marketing and merchandising information. It consists of shelf standards, display standards, cold box standards, overcoming objections and Frequently Asked Questions. This works as a complete guidance manual for the users.

The T(roo)via is a quiz that helps users earn points through easy games. Photo Contests is a picture sharing contest that shares pictures of users for expanding user interaction. While, Pitch Book is an advertisement module that developers designed for posting of advertisements for new products. All the accumulated points are displayed on the leaderboard and the user can check their progress here.

The developers designed the app keeping in mind the client’s concept of high end branding.

Roo Mockup
Roo Mockup


The development was through modules. Yudiz developers used the online and offline feature, to provide higher app availability.

Social sharing was added to increase the user database and improve marketing. The developers designed the leaderboard management for company’s use instead of involvement of third party.

Furthermore the look and feel of the app was made more user appealing, which made it easy for the users to cruise around.

Client Profile

Our client is the owner of one of the rapidly increasing wine brand company, starting from a household business to becoming the best known brand around the world. Our client wanted to provide a user engagement platform that also marketed the company products while offering help in merchandising.


  • Online/offline use
  • Social integration
  • Leaderboard management

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