Project Overview

Who wouldn’t want to host their own sports event. A platform where you can host your game, participate in other games and play. Our client wanted such a platform where there won’t be any excuses for not playing games in this digital era of technology. Participating sports keeps you healthy and physically fit.

Sports League offers personalized hosting of games on your terms. Yudiz provided a platform through Sports League where you can host your own sport event, others can participate and play. Create sport event in less than a minute.

Key Features

Host a game

Game Details

15+ different Games
Profile bio with games
Chat with friends
Map for game location

Finished Games are not displayed

Notifications if any changes

Basketball Mockup

Business Requirement

An app that can act as a platform for excited sports’ players to host and play the game on their terms.

An easy access to connect with passionate users and future friends.

To improvise relations with active users, free from the bounds of regular seasons.


Yudiz solutions came up with a solution and developed an app “Sports League”. Sports League users can schedule their own game, your friends can join and even the fellow athletes in same location or nearby in the range of 5-30 kms. Join a community of active users passionate in the field playing their favorite sports. Home screen allows you to view the games and even join the sport taking place in your area. Connect with the passionate users seeking to play the game as your profile bio also contains your interests for the games.

More than 15 different games like football, volleyball, baseball, soccer, hockey, can play where you are provided with filters as select a sport, add location, date, time, age group and number of players and you are ready to go.

Players are notified if there is any change in time by the host. Future game plans are displayed and past are removed for better efficiency and ease. Host is also notified if any player joined or leave the game.

Basketball Mockup
Basketball Mockup


We developed this app for iOS platform and for Android coming soon. For synchronous communication between admin panel and web services, we used Codeigniter as a framework. To track and report website traffic we used Google Analytics.

App Benefits

You can host your own recreational games having filters as location, age, number of players, date and time.

Challenge yourself and pick up a sport from the home screen and selected a locally hosted game that works better for you.

Connect with your future friends and fellows of your interest who are passionate athletes.

Client Profile

Our client is a sports enthusiast and it was often felt by him that coordinating with the team members and hosting regular friendly matches was tough. Hence, a platform was needed with the help of which the hosted games and interested players can easily coordinate on a single platform.


  • Swift 2.0
  • AFnetwork Framework web services

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