Project Overview

The best element in any game is surprise! This holds true for many games based on fictional, scary, and ghost like creatures
where their sudden attack gives users a playful frenzy. There are to say, many zombie games out there in the market.
At Yudiz, our game developers excellently combined the concept of virtual reality along with zombie games. Here the players
of the game can almost feel like they are virtually present in the game, thus increasing the gaming experience more amusing
and life like.

Key Features

Spine tingling VR zombie experience

Unpredictable Zombie attacks
Smooth player controls
Thrilling background music
Zombie Liquidator Mockup


A fictional game with the concept of virtual reality merged into it. The focus here is to give players a virtual gaming platform only this time the players truly feel like they are in the game.


The aim was to create a game that was fun yet thrilling in a very
little time period. As a result the Yudiz team came up with Zombie
VR liquidator. The game consisted of a rustic background with a
surprise element as Zombies attacked the player. Here the concept
of virtual reality was used where the players could see themselves
in a live game environment. With an appalling background music
the game had an overall thrilling experience.

Zombie Liquidator Mockup
Zombie Liquidator Mockup


The game concept was created and the development took place
further. The major elements of the game were zombies and the
concept of virtual reality. The developers used the Unity 3D engine,
a multi platform game engine, for developing the game. This helped
to speed up the development process.

Next the developers used Google VR SDK for Unity, that helped to
create an application adaptable to VR. The google VR integration
helped to control movements and provided for a smooth game play.
The developers added a surprise element where zombies appeared
suddenly. The game was designed with a dark, scary background.

Client Profile

The client is an emerging entrepreneur. The client is mesmerized by Zombie movies and the concept of virtual reality and decided to bring his ideas into reality through a game concept.


  • Unity3D Game Engine
  • Google VR SDK for Unity

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