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Since the inception, Virtual Reality has come a long way. In the recent years, the technology has made a bloom and changed the perception of experiencing the immersion of virtual world with the real world. This demanded in elevation in standards of Virtual Reality Headsets as well.

HTC VIVE represents the latest revolution in VR technology. VIVE is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform developed by HTC and Valve Corporation, for total immersion and simulation in virtual world. The Vive headset runs through the Steam Store and is designed around ‘room-scale motion’ feature that allows Users to physically move within the space so that they get full body experience and get a superior virtual reality experience. Moreover, it also includes two unique motion controllers that makes the end experience much more immersive and interactive as compared to other products currently available in market and hence fulfills Virtual Reality’s boldest deadline.

What does HTC Vive offers?

Putting on the Vive headsets, Users get fully immersed in a world full of surprises. With HTC Vive, Users gets liberty to navigate and move throughout the space to experience more lively interactivity as opposed to most of the other VR headsets available in market

What's Included

  • Vive headset
  • Controllers
  • Two base stations
  • Link box
  • Ear buds
  • Vive accessories

Powerful immersion

HTC Vive’s futuristic-looking headset incorporates SteamVR tracking, 110° field of view and intuitive controls as a result of which Users can experience unparallel sense of immersion.

Complete Control

Featuring 24 sensors, 360° one-to-one tracking that mirrors hand movements, HD haptic feedback and intuitive gestures, HTC Vive allows Users to wirelessly interact and explore the virtual world.

Base Station Salvation

HTC Vive’s SteamVR tracking base stations leverages the presence and immersion of room-scale virtual reality by delivering 360° motion tracking details to headsets and controllers.

Types of Applications

An entertainment medium

With HTC Vive headsets, one can stay connected to the real world, without exiting the virtual world. Hence leveraging this fact, applications can include video enchanting content which would change the viewer’s perception towards entertainment industry. On-top of it, applications can even stream services through media streaming channels like YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Learn through Vive

HTC Vive provides user with learning experience beyond conventional classroom. Applications that enables teachers/ mentors to construct their personalized lesson plans and provide real-time class-room experience to the audience. Platform that provides examining, VR tutorial videos, Interactive Visual presentations, etc. can be make learning more exciting.

Immerse yourself in art

By creating sketching applications with Vive, environment becomes User’s canvas in which creation is limitless. Users can make art in 3D space around them. Moreover, 3D objects can be loaded in the environment. Artists like fashion designers can practice their creations on virtual manikins or interior designers can create furniture base models and review its placement.

Gaming experience

Gaming with Vive is much more versatile as compared to other competitors in the market. While its ability to offer Users to step in to the game and interact with the game environment has revolutionized the gaming experience. With this Gaming industry is empowered to discover and craft games that pushes the boundaries and show-off exciting new possibilities.

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