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IoT has become such a platform whose impact is on many businesses and has become a game changer since past few years. From the hardware manufacturers to software solution providers the IoT has influenced the entire business network and has grown to be a game changer in IT business.

Internet of Things is a very simple concept that we all are aware of. Devices like Beacon, bluetooth printer phone, home appliances, cars or wearable devices is connected to the internet using different modes of communication like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. The data collected by the devices can be accessed and controlled from anywhere using a cell phone or a browser.

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Why Businesses are adopting IoT?

  • Improving quality of service or product
  • Improving productivity of workforce
  • Increasing reliability of operations
  • Increasing asset productivity
  • Reducing cost of material or waste
  • Accessing new customers
  • Increasing customer satisfaction to reduce churn and support costs and gain revenue
  • Insights for new products and services or cost efficiencies
  • Faster time to market, Lower Development Cost
  • Reducing risk of theft or other loss
  • Transitioning to service offering
  • Linking price to business outcomes

IoT Mobile Solutions

Android & iOS

Our mobile application developers are proficient at converting our customers’ creative ideas into a workable, sparkling application. We help define and tailor the features and navigation to best suit your business, your unique target audience for the application as well as the target device. Yudiz has vast experience in IoT Android apps development and IoT iOS app development.

Our IoT mobile app development team delivers custom, flexible, business-oriented solutions to our entire target industries in which Yudiz currently focus. We also have enhancement capability to provide value added mobile features such as Device Integration using WiFi/ BLE/ NFC, GPS Tracking, Aggregator, Social Networking and Cloud API Integration.

Application list related to

Hardware & iot

One Bill

OneBill Recurring Payment Collection mobile app is specially designed for CATV businesses that need to collect payments from the customer’s premises with the help of collection agents.

OneBill payment collection mobile app helps agents to check subscriber’s balance and collect payments from subscribers. The POS app also supports print of the payment receipt that can be issued to the subscriber. The app connects through a handy Bluetooth printer that’s paired to the mobile application for generating the printed receipt.

OneBill’s recurring payment collection app is particularly suitable for CATV, Broadband service providers, Telecom services, Subscription Commerce products that’s delivered to customer’s home on recurring basis, and a variety of subscription based businesses where payment collection from subscribers is required at their premises.


SmartEve is an Event management app where users can search all the nearby events or stalls within a conference and register themselves for that events. Users can view all the details of the events or conferences. Details such as speaker details, event schedules and sitting management with indoor path can be viewed.

We used Beacon technology in this project. Through Beacon we displayed indoor maps that also generate analytics for event organizer.


The core idea of TILYN project is to search Nearby stores. The TILYN App sends notification to nearby users regarding offers and coupons and users can earn coupons and can redeem those coupon. Users can earn points based on how much time they spend at the store which is predefined for that store. Users can redeem those coupons.

We used Beacon technology for this project. Search any category store, visit that store and earn coupons from that store.


This mobile software application monitors energy-related variables pertaining to specific Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries manufactured by BlueNova, a South African based energy storage company. The following data can be displayed:

– Battery voltage, rated capacity & power
– State-of-charge percentage
– Real-time per-second energy usage data
– Recharge / discharge time remaining