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We were a start-up 7 years back, and we respect all the start-ups who work their heart and soul to get their business successful. Over these years, we have been associated with many start-ups and have helped them achieve their business goals. We understand the challenges that start-ups face and hence we work closely with them during ideation, evaluation and development of their app ideas to turn them into a reality.

We have helped our clients to raise over £12 Million in funds through our app development services

What are the Common Challenges that the Start-Ups face?

Think Big Start Small

The most important challenge from the list is the financial planning, where you have a fixed budget for getting your app idea developed.

This is where we come into the picture!

We initially move on to make a POC, Prototype or an MVP. Once you achieve success through this first phase, you can then allocate more funds and we can work together towards enriching your app.

Think Big Start Small

We understand these challenges and hence work closely with our start up clients during ideation, evaluation and develop their app ideas into a reality.

The most important challenge from the list is the financial planning when you have a fixed budget in getting your app idea developed. Think Big Start Small is a very popular saying that fits well here. Hence, we initially move on to make a POC, prototype or an MVP. Once the idea sounds feasible or impresses your investors’ or the MVP gets successful, you can then allocate more funds and we can work towards enriching your app.

Proof of Concept (POC)

Wondering if a certain app concept is feasible?

POC is the first step to verify it. It is a smaller project to know that the core functionality is feasible and you test it internally without allowing it for public use. At the end of POC, you can come to a conclusion that the idea is viable and thereafter think of investing further.


Intrigued about the visual portrayal of the app?

Prototype is an interactive model of the mobile app concept which helps to visualize the app better. It explains how the app will function and what the app design, layout and navigation would be like. A prototype is a sensible step to check the viability (like in POC) but here you take a further step and get an idea about the basic feel of the app. It does not represent the final deliverable. You can discover the errors early and save costs on a long run. This generally gives you an idea about which direction you need to take with development. The prototype is also an effective way to raise funds for complete development.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Would the app carve its’ way through the market?

MVP is often influenced by a prototype. Like the name suggests, this is a minimal form of the app that can be tested in the market. While prototype is to test the problems during development, the MVP is towards identifying the user's reaction while it is open in the market. Once you see a market demand and you are happy with the usability of the app you can further enrich the app and put in more funds.

What started as an MVP has become one of the
successful app on Google Play Store.


Bruh Button has acheived over

5 Million Downloads

With a revenue of

$1.5 Millions

till this date through in-app purchases.

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