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Mobile computing devices are increasingly becoming our primary access points to web and web platforms. Thanks to the ever evolving features and devices, variety of user interfaces and device specific user experiences is the norm of the day. For the device manufacturers and developers it has now become a criteria to come up with wide range of on-screen menu system offering diverse look and feel. Third party developers proficient in creating diverse UI/UX are also proactively participating to change our user experience and interaction with the features in more ways than one.

What Is UI/UX

UI is the abbreviation that stands for user interface and UX refers to user experience. Mobile user interface refers to the look and feel of the menu system on mobile device screen and how the menu responds to various types of input on the keypad or screen and how the software deals with all these – all these aspects accumulatively refers to mobile user interface or mobile UI. Mobile user experience typically refers to the user friendliness of the device and how it addresses the user’s perceptions and typical user specific attributes. User interface and user experience combined together constitute the key elements of the relation between the user and the device. A good user interface is optimized to provide variety of user friendly attributes corresponding to user experience and helps to optimize the features of the device and overall efficacy to a great extent.


Key Elements Of UI/UX

We briefly provide here the key elements that a mobile user interfaces or gross user experience consists of.

  • Wide range of third party Software as Service (SaS) that enables you to prototype without going into the trouble of downloading, installing etc.
  • Integrated API to make app development easier and faster.
  • Optimizing device features in synchrony with settings for localization.
  • Prioritizing core features according to user environment.
  • Offering an array of mobile only functionalities.
  • Including interface features that are relevant for business apps.
  • To offer interface features that let the users change their preferences and settings.
  • Enable user specific navigation through apps and pages.
  • Optimizing content view with better control, navigation and audio visual elements in conformity with the device capability.
  • Versatile and interactive design that address the device specific display features, so that an app or web page looks absolutely mobile ready.
  • Maintaining visual consistency with other touch points and interfaces.
  • Incorporate both portrait and landscape aspects of design to accommodate versatile design and page view.
  • Limited input for only essential fields in filling forms by the user.
  • In user input, offering multiple options for varying values.
  • Taking advantage of a few smart device specific input mechanisms like camera, voice input, etc.
  • Offering auto completion, spell check and predictive text in input.
  • Offering contextual features in diverse user environments.
  • Addressing variability of user environments, risks and vulnerabilities.


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